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EOAnalytics is a private limited company started in the year 2018 with a motive of making Earth Observation (EO) data and products more accessible for education and business. We are a small group of well-trained professionals with a diverse background working with new innovative ideas to provide various geospatial solutions. Our highly experienced team works with result oriented targets and serve the client with exactitude to win their confidence. We work for a wide variety of consumer and enterprise clients, including but not restricted to academic institutions, government and semi-state authority, and agriculture sectors. Our services include low-altitude aerial mapping, for forestry agriculture and environmental applications. We also offer on-demand photogrammetric surveys, organize remote sensing and GIS training, manipulation, analysis and management of EO data. We provide on-site remote sensing and GIS training and conduct summer schools.


Our Team of Experts

Photo of Shafique Matin

Dr. Shafique Matin possesses more than 12 years of research and Industrial experience as a Remote Sensing and GIS expert. Dr. Matin's research interests span various applications of remote sensing and GIS in fields like ecology, agriculture, forest, land change studies and ocean color analysis. He has worked with organizations like Teagasc, EPA Ireland, and the Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences.

Shafique Matin

Dr. Serbin is experienced in agricultural and environmental remote sensing, time-series analysis, and geospatial scripting and automation and data management. He has worked for the Univ. of Rhode Island, US Dept. of Agriculture, and Teagasc. His BSc and MSc degrees in Geology are from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel and PhD in Soil Physics from Utah State University in Logan, UT, USA.

Guy Serbin, CEO