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EPA 2018 PhenoCam and PhenoClimate projects

These are collaborative research projects led by University College Cork and University College Dublin, respectively, with EOanalytics Ltd. providing historical remote sensing data and expertise. The PhenoClimate project determines the impact of climate change on several phenological events across different flora and fauna using current and historic datasets (ground observations, citizen science, and satellite remote sensing). In addition to using Landsat satellite imagery to monitor past vegetation responses, we explore the use of new satellite technology (including Sentinel-2) at highly resolved spatial and temporal scales. The data are validated using ground observations of leaf phenological events and “greenness” automatically recorded using digital cameras (phenocams). In addition, the project compares phenological shifts in flowering (based on pollen data), insect, and bird activity to determine impacts of climate change on Irish biodiversity.


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EPA 2019 Fire, Land and Atmospheric Remote sensing of EmissionS (FLARES) research project

Led by University College Cork, and in collaboration with Randbee Consultants, this project is investigating the effects of Irish wildfires on air quality. EOanalytics is providing land remote sensing analysis and technical infrastructure using Mundi Web Service’s Copernicus DIAS infrastructure. Project website

AgSat: The ideal agri-environmental Earth observer

This project is developing the next generation satellite Earth observation platform- featuring better bands for acquiring more agri-environmental parameters, and edge processing to produce mapping products on-board satellites in real time, enabling immediate consumption by customers. This project is being developed in conjunction with Ubotica Technologies Ltd. It has won 3rd place in the 2019 INNOspace Masters Airbus Challenge, and is part of the STARTUP3 Accelerator program. 3rd Place INNOspace Masters Airbus 2019 Challenge Award

The Gargoyle Agri-Environmental Geospatial Intelligence Service